Michael Reinhard (1956)

Member of the Group Executive Board since 2005, with Geberit since 2004, Head of Group Division Operations as of 1 September 2016

German citizen

Member of the Board of Directors Reichle & De-Massari AG, Wetzikon (CH)

Michael Reinhard studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University Darmstadt (DE) and was awarded a PhD in materials science from the Deutsche Kunststoffinstitut. He started his professional career in 1987 as a project manager with Automatik GmbH, Gross-Ostheim (DE). In 1990, he joined McKinsey & Company and was soon promoted to senior associate. In 1992, Michael Reinhard joined Schott, Mainz (DE), where he was entrusted with various functions of increasing responsibility within international sales and marketing. In 1995, he became Vice President of Schott’s Pharmaceutical Packaging Division and in 1998 Senior Vice President of the Tubing Division comprising 2,400 employees. At Geberit, Michael Reinhard became Head of Group Division Sales in 2005. He has been Head of the Group Division Products since 2006.