Product Range

The product area sanitary systems comprises the entire sanitary systems technology in buildings, with the exception of pipelines and is divided into four product lines: Installation systems, cisterns and mechanisms, faucets and flushing systems, waste fittings and traps.

The product area piping systems comprises the entire piping technology in buildings. Piping systems are divided into two product lines: building drainage systems and supply systems.

Installation systems

The installation systems from Geberit offer great design freedom and flexibility. They are used in renovation projects as well as in new buildings. Installation systems offers a complete line of products with system character for prewall and inwall installations, e.g. installation elements for wall-hung WCs, washbasins, bidets and urinals. Additionally, the line includes the new actuator plates in contemporary design for personal bathroom decoration.

Cisterns and mechanisms

Geberit mechanisms are particularly noteworthy for their water-saving technologies. Here Geberit has set new standards with the dual-flush and stop-and-go flush technology. The easy-installation exposed cisterns have universal application.

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Faucets and flushing systems

Hygiene, ecology and functional reliability are the most important features of this product line. It includes electronic lavatory tabs and pneumatic and electronic flushing systems for urinals and WCs. The water and energy-saving systems are available in different designs

Waste fittings and traps

Geberit offers maintenance-free, noise-insulated and functional drains and traps. These fittings allow the unproblematic connection and operation of bath and shower trays, washbasins, urinals, bidets as well as industrial and laboratory units. The utilization of high-quality materials provides safety, particularly in the concealed area, for the entire service life of the sanitary appliance.

Building drainage systems

Geberit has a complete program of drainage pipes and fittings made of plastic for use in domestic drainage. In the roof drainage sector, Pluvia offers a system that permits the efficient drainage of large surface-area roofs. In addition to standard systems, this product line also includes sound-absorbing drainpipes to meet the highest demands.

Supply systems

Geberit supply systems provide pipes and fittings to cover every type of installation and can be utilized anywhere: for household water or gas supplies or for complex industrial plants. Geberit pressfitting technology guarantees a secure connection.

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