Centralized logistics

Intelligent logistics increases efficiency and reduces environmental impact. That is why Geberit uses the Pfullendorf (DE) location to ship out deliveries within Europe since spring, 2010. The site is centrally situated both through its location in the heart of Europe and optimal distances to the other production sites.

In order to meet growing demand and to design logistics processes more efficiently, a new logistics center was recently constructed in Pfullendorf as the central hub for Central Europe. Thanks to this centralization, Geberit is enhancing many capabilities, including its flexibility in handling fluctuations in orders and also accelerating processing times.

Geberit products are packed at a total of 14 Pick-and-Pack stations. At these stations all components to be delivered together are compiled so that the shipments can be finalized for dispatch. A specially developed computer program facilitates the picking procedure through voice recognition. Using the voice function, employees call up a delivery order, which as a first step prompts a fully-automated delivery of the requested articles from high-bay racking storage.