Share Buyback Program

Currently, no share buyback is carried out.

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The Board of Directors of Geberit AG has decided to initiate a share buyback program. Over a period of two years, shares amounting to a total of a maximum of 5% of the share capital recorded in the Commercial Register will be repurchased via a separate trading line, less withholding tax, and retired by means of a capital reduction. Based on the closing price of Geberit registered shares on April 25, 2014, the value of the shares to be bought back is approximately CHF 533 million.

You can find detailed information on the share buyback program in the official notices, which are available on the right-hand side in German and French.

The maximum buyback volume per day in accordance with art. 123 para. 1 lit. c of the Financial Market Infrastructure Ordinance is 23,916 shares.

The transactions conducted as part of the share buyback program can be viewed in this PDF.

Notices to the share buyback program

Notice in German
Notice in French

Geberit AG has concluded its share buyback program, started in January 2011, earlier than planned on December 19, 2012. In total, 2,048,578 registered shares – equal to CHF 390,172,725 and corresponding to 5.28% of the share capital currently entered in the Commercial Register – were repurchased as originally planned. The share buyback program was conducted via a second trading line set up especially for this purpose. The average purchase price per share was CHF 190.46.

Up to December 31, 2011, Geberit AG repurchased 1,026,000 shares in the course of this program and canceled these shares by means of a capital reduction. The approved capital reduction was executed in June 2012.

The remaining 1,022,578 shares were repurchased in 2012. Their cancellation was decided at the General Meeting on April 4, 2013. The capital reduction was executed in June 2013.