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Experience report by Sebastian Weiss

It was always important to me to see a sense in my work, as well as to get the opportunity to change something and to be able to advance something. I found this coupled with a feeling of family co-operation in the Geberit Group.

After my training at Geberit Mapress in Langenfeld (DE), I first worked as an assistant to the management and then switched to the production area. As GPS coordinator, I was responsible for Lean Management and was able to acquire a lot of knowledge about process reliability, efficiency and management tasks during this time.

Parallel to my evening studies, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in General Management with a specialisation in Production and Logistics Management, as well as my Master’s Degree in Leadership & Management. At Geberit I was always actively supported, not only in financial and time-related but most important in all personal aspects.

In addition to advancing my personal further education, I was able to attend the Geberit internal development programs such as the "Potentials Management Program - Regional Level".

In 2017, I first went to Sweden as Project Manager GPS (Geberit Production System) for Geberit Production AB in order to integrate the recently acquired Mörrum (SE) plant into the Geberit world and improve it holistically. One year later, I was allowed to take over the factory as plant manager.

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