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An eye for perfection

An artist at work on the perfect surface finish

Anyone buying a new ceramic pan for their bathroom is entitled to expect a flawless surface finish. When it comes to manufacturing these appliances, the best approach is to trust in the trained eye of an expert who knows the time-consuming process of ceramic production inside and out.

Thomas Kronberg is in charge of process development and optimisation at the Geberit ceramics plant in Tammisaari (also known as Ekenäs), Finland. With over 20 years of professional experience in the ceramics industry, he knows the tricky areas on every ceramic pan.

Tell-tale air bubbles

Thomas Kronberg sees and feels the most subtle nuances and differences in the quality of the glaze better than virtually anyone else. “If something doesn’t go quite to plan when spraying on the glaze, this usually only comes to light after the baking process. For example, small air bubbles can form in areas where the glaze does not melt and vitrify evenly.”

Continuous optimisation

Despite the manufacture of ceramics being one of mankind’s oldest skills, new production-related challenges frequently arise – even at a highly automated plant like Tammisaari, as Thomas Kronberg explains. “Be it the composition of the slip or the programming of the spray robots, we are pretty much refining and optimising the whole time.”