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Eye-catching office landscape

Sberbank Headquarters, Moscow (RU)

The old Sberbank headquarters in Moscow has been given a new interior. With contemporary offices, a floating meeting pod and new semi-public WC facilities the interior design of the modern office building is particularly spectacular.

Work is currently ongoing on the new headquarters of the Russian financial institution Sberbank in Moscow, with over 40 company offices from across the capital coming together at a single, state-of-the-art banking centre known as Sberbank City.

A meeting place

Sberbank City consists of five buildings. One of these buildings is the former headquarters of the bank, which was completely refurbished while retaining its original structure. The result is a bright atrium extending over several floors and adorned with two green walls featuring lush vegetation. The central area of the headquarters features a snack bar and open-plan co-working areas that can be used for meetings. For the conversion of the semi-public sanitary facilities several Geberit products were considered, including Duofix installation elements for urinals, Delta actuator plates and Mambo urinal flush controls with electronic flush actuation.

A suspended meeting pod

A particularly eye-catching feature is the “Diamond” meeting pod, which is suspended above the atrium. The room owes its name to the unique design reminiscent of the precious stone. The mirrored panels reflect the surrounding area, meaning its appearance changes depending on the point of view of the observer. Six other meeting rooms protrude out of the building structure and give the atrium an additional dynamic. In addition, a modern office concept allows a flexible use of the rooms tailored to the agile working method of the bank.

Duofix Installationelements

Geberit Duofix provides a comprehensive range with universal and self-supporting installation elements. These are available in drywall construction for all sanitary appliances. The installation elements suitable for partition wall installations, in-wall installations in stud-walls in lightweight construction, and part-height and room-height prewall installations. They are used in new buildings and renovations.