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How loud is too loud?

Three in the morning in your hotel room. The noise of a toilet and water rushing through the discharge pipes wakes you up again. Thankfully, Geberit offers products that carry out their tasks quietly. They are the result of a long development process – including at the building technology and acoustics laboratory.

This time the noise came from the room on the left – and the time before that from upstairs. Anyone who appreciates peace and quiet in hotels, at home or at work craves quiet sanitary installations. Geberit has made fulfilling these expectations its mission. For example, the inner geometry of the WC ceramic appliance was modified for the rimless shower toilet AquaClean Mera. Thanks to its increased wall thicknesses and special design, the building drainage system Silent-Pro also reduces noise. If the pipes are correctly installed, peace and quiet are guaranteed.

A laboratory unlike anything in the world

We make a concerted effort to optimise the acoustic properties, even when developing prototypes. To be able to do this, Geberit built a building technology and acoustics laboratory that is unique worldwide – a four-storey building where virtually any construction situation can be acoustically recorded using state-of-the-art measurement technology. It is not just the products that are researched here, the impact that various installation techniques have on sound emissions is too.