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Top-class technology and design can only be achieved with top-class know-how. In our departments, specialists work day in, day out on expanding our product range and aligning it to our customers’ changing needs.

The activities of a large number of individual companies have to be numerically tracked, evaluated and presented in detailed reports. This has the dual effect of fulfilling statutory and regulatory requirements while also providing the Group Executive Board with sound analyses that serve as a basis for their strategic decisions.

As a company with a broad product range, having a functioning category management system is of great importance to Geberit. Our networked lead buyers and strong local Purchasing teams ensure that the required raw materials, goods and services are systematically procured from certified sources.

Hiring the right employees and retaining them over the long term ensure the future success of our company. Human Resources supports employees in many ways, acts as a sparring partner for management and proactively supports change processes.

Thanks to innovative applications and systems, Geberit is always at the cutting edge. CAD/CAM, SAP, CRM, cloud computing – whatever the new needs of the business, we meet them with the full range of new technologies.

An excellent delivery performance is essential to the success of our company. In close coordination with the Production team, the Logistics department manages and monitors the logistics processes along the entire supply chain – from procurement, intralogistics and distribution logistics right through to transport management.

Anyone working in administration needs to know the field inside out. The administrative tasks that have to run smoothly to support the business processes are as diverse as one might expect at a company as globally oriented as Geberit.

As the people pulling the strings at the interface between Product Development and Sales, the marketing professionals ensure a strong brand presence. Rock-solid work in the background is absolutely necessary here, be it in pricing or product data maintenance, to name just two areas. The demands when it comes to corporate communications are also diverse, with stakeholders such as shareholders, investors and the media needing to be informed according to their respective needs.

Responsible for a significant part of the company’s added value, production never stops. The production technologies are continually developed and optimised within our network of plants – always with the goal of ensuring that our products are made with the right quality, at the best possible cost and at the right time.

Quality is when the customer comes back – not the product. With this in mind, our quality experts do everything in their power to meet this great responsibility during their everyday work. They can always call on the wealth of experience from the application engineering specialists when required.

With an established local presence and backed up by a strong product range, our Sales teams are always at the heart of the action in the construction industry. Working closely with our diverse groups of customers – wholesalers, craftsmen, sanitary engineers, architects, end users and OEM partners – they are the key players when it comes to customer advice and support, as well as order processing.