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Media Releases


Geberit maintains open and regular communication with its shareholders, the capital market and the general public with the CEO, CFO and the Head Corporate Communications & Investor Relations as direct contacts.

In addition, Geberit also compiles a new investor presentation for each quarterly, half-year and annual financial statement. These documents give insight on the results of the past reporting period, contain information regarding economic conditions and an outlook on future business developments.

Latest presentation

PDFPresentation on the third quarter results 2023  (242 KB)

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Past annual presentations

PDFPresentation on the annual results 2022  (4.2 MB)

PDFPresentation on the annual results 2021  (1.5 MB)

PDFPresentation on the annual results 2020  (1.9 MB)

PDFPresentation on the annual results 2019  (4.8 MB)

PDFPresentation on the annual results 2018  (2.2 MB)

Conference Calls & Webcasts

Geberit normally holds a conference call on the day financial results are published and provides a playback of this.

The next conference call will be held on 17 January 2024 at 09:00 a.m. (CET) for the release of the first information 2023.

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Annual Report 2022 Figures, analyses, stories

Editorial Business year 2022

An extremely challenging year is now behind us. The effects of the COVID-19-induced home improvement trend and the outbreak of war in Ukraine, as well as the sharp increase in inflation worldwide, led to strongly fluctuating volumes at Geberit during the course of the year. In turn, this placed some very high demands in terms of flexibility on Purchasing, Production, Logistics and Sales. Following an unprecedented rise, the costs of raw materials and energy reached new records in the reporting year, which put margins under enormous pressure. The higher prices for raw material and energy alone resulted in additional costs of CHF 244 million, with exchange rate developments also having an extremely negative impact on our results. Taking into account these challenging conditions and the records set in the previous year, we were nonetheless able to post good results in 2022. The comparison with pre-COVID results remains very positive, which is reference to our structural and financial strength as well as our prudent crisis management right from the start of the pandemic. This enabled us to further consolidate our position as leading supplier of sanitary products and gain market shares.

Chairman Albert M. Baehny on business development in 2022

Financial year 2022 Highlights

The most imporant key figures of the financial year 2022:

  • Net sales
  • Results
  • Cashflow
  • Share
  • Investments/​R&D
Net sales+4.8%

Currency-adjusted net sales growth in 2022

Operating cashflow margin 26.8%

410 basis points lower than prior year

Free cashflowCHF 562 million

-30.6% versus prior year

Earnings per shareCHF 20.48

-4.0% versus prior year

Payout ratio61.8%

The payout ratio is in the mid-range of the target corridor of 50 to 70%

Expenditure for property, plant and equipment and intangible assetsCHF 155 million

-8.4% versus prior year

R&D expendituresCHF 72 million

2.1% of net sales

Half-year report 2023

In the summer of each year, we report on the business of the Geberit Group in the first six months of each fiscal year. PDFTo the Half-year report 2023  (2.1 MB)

The highlights in the first half of 2023

  • Convincing results in spite of an extraordinarily difficult environment with a declining construction industry in Europe
  • Decrease in currency-adjusted net sales compared to the strong prior-year period driven by significant volume decline, the shift in demand from sanitary to heating solutions and a positive price effect
  • Increased profitability despite significantly lower volumes and considerable wage inflation
  • Significantly increased operating margins due to consistent price management, lower energy prices and high operational flexibility

    PDFRead more in the Half-year report 2023  (2.1 MB)

First half-year 2023 Highlights

The most imporant key figures of the first half-year 2023:

  • Net sales
  • Results
  • Cashflow
  • CAPEX/​R&D
Net salesCHF 1,662 million

-14.1% versus prior year

Net sales-9.2%

currency-adjusted growth

Operating cashflow margin (EBITDA margin)31.7%

versus 29.0% in the prior year

Free cashflowCHF 186 million

-2.9% versus prior year

CAPEXCHF 81 million

+27 million versus prior year

R&D expendituresCHF 36 million

2.2% of net sales