Our brand Reliable and innovative

Quality, reliability and innovation have a long tradition at Geberit. These attributes remain at the core of our brand to this day. The claim Know-How Installed hits the nail on the head – people can rely on solutions from Geberit.

Reliable technology behind the wall is now supplemented by perfect, user-oriented bathroom design in front of the wall. With the claim Design Meets Function, Geberit highlights the latest possibilities in bathroom design on an ongoing basis and ensures that end users are also able to experience this for themselves.

The following values form the foundations of the Geberit brand:

Our product development is based on solid market expertise and the latest technology. We carry out targeted, practical research and development that focuses on the end result. This further reinforces our market leadership and allows us to set the latest trends in the industry with our sanitary products.

Our experience and knowledge lay the foundation for everything we do. Thanks to this know-how, we make a lasting effect on the everyday life of our customers. In our worldwide training centres, tens of thousands of sanitary specialists receive basic and advanced training every year.

We create robust solutions that stand out due to their simplicity and sophisticated systematics. This allows us to guarantee the safety and durability of our products across their entire life cycle.

Quality of life
Our products create an attractive ambience that makes people feel at ease. We set new standards in design, comfort and water management. In doing so, we make a long-term contribution to the environment and society at large.

  • Know-How Installed
  • Design Meets Function
  • Other brands

Know-How Installed Combined knowledge

For many years, Geberit has enjoyed fruitful, close partnerships with plumbers, planning offices, architecture firms and wholesalers. The know-how and experience of our customers and partners can be found in all of our new products and product developments.

We use our long-standing expertise and innovative strength to offer solutions and services that both simplify and improve the lives of our customers. Our products set standards in the sanitary industry. They are innovative, perfectly coordinated with each other and can be quickly and easily installed and maintained. We are on hand to support and advise our customers every step of the way, from planning and logistics through to installation and maintenance. Our professional, uncomplicated service is a key factor in successful partnerships.

Know-How Installed means exceptional products combined with professional service.

Design Meets Function Perfect balance

With our passion for design and technology, we inspire and wow people around the world. Thanks to a combination of comprehensive know-how and almost 150 years of experience, we ensure that our products not only have an appealing design but also make the lives of our customers easier, more convenient and more pleasant.

Geberit products are the result of a perfect balance between elegant design and outstanding functionality – and all manufactured responsibly from high-quality, durable materials. They are easy to clean, easy to use and offer added comfort.

Design Meets Function means a perfect balance between elegant design and outstanding functionality.

Other brands For special segments

The Geberit brand portfolio also includes other ceramic brands that are very well established in specific market segments. These are as follows:

  • Twyford in Great Britain
  • Kolo in Poland
  • Ifö, IDO and Porsgrund in Scandinavia

Furthermore, Geberit also manufactures and sells taps and fittings for the public construction sector (healthcare, schools and universities) under the Chicago Faucets brand in the USA. Geberit products are also sold in all of these markets, although overlaps between the product ranges are consciously avoided.