Much more than just cleanliness

Hygiene is not only important where sanitary facilities are in regular use, such as in public areas. Action may also be needed when pipes are not used for an extended period.

If holiday homes, schools, hotels or other buildings are left empty for weeks or months, bacteria and germs can multiply in the unused water pipes if the temperature is right. Once the pipes are used again, these bacteria and germs can enter the lungs via the respiratory passages while showering, for example, thus causing serious infections. To prevent this, Geberit has developed a simple yet effective solution – the automatic sanitary flush unit. The pipes are periodically rinsed for a short period before bacteria can multiply to dangerous levels – and all without chemicals.

Hygiene, technologically guaranteed
Hygiene is also critical in places where countless people converge each day, such as in sanitary facilities at airports, railway stations, hospitals and events. Electronic urinal and toilet flush controls or touchless washbasin taps are a particularly good investment here because they make it more difficult for bacteria and other germs to spread. In this regard, Geberit combines its expertise in materials technology, surface technology and electronics to constantly develop even better solutions to improve hygiene in sanitary facilities.