Products - September 2021

102 bathrooms on the road

Prefabrication of the highest quality

Among other products, Geberit manufactures prefabricated bathrooms at its Austrian production site in Matrei am Brenner. Delivering these bathrooms is a spectacular undertaking.

When constructing a new building containing several identical residential units, it can be a good idea to order completely prefabricated bathrooms. This saves a lot of planning and coordination work at the building site while also ensuring quality and cost certainty for the building owner. The increasing demand for bathrooms like this has led to full order books at the production site in Matrei.

26 articulated lorries en route to Switzerland
Prefabricated bathrooms are a very demanding business, from planning and production all the way through to delivery. A current example can be found at the new nursing home in Alpnach Dorf (CH), where the concreting work has been finished on schedule. This is then the moment where Geberit’s shipping partners load up over 100 prefabricated bathrooms that have been manufactured according to customer specifications in Matrei am Brenner ready for the trip to Switzerland. Four bathrooms – each with a floor area of just under 5 m² – fit onto one articulated lorry.

Meticulous preparation
Two experienced installation experts have travelled from Matrei to Switzerland a few days in advance to prepare everything at the building site. This preparation work is essential, as the lorries arrive on site on an almost hourly basis across a four-day period. Before each bathroom is lifted from the lorry by crane, brought to the correct floor and moved close to its final position using a rolling frame – a process that should take just ten minutes in all – numerous details have to be coordinated with building management.

A year under lock and key
Once the bathrooms are in place, the two installation experts will remain on the building site for a week, bringing each bathroom into position with millimetre precision, levelling them off and connecting them floor by floor. In one year, the pair will again travel to Alpnach Dorf shortly before final cleaning of the finished building. Only then will they open up the bathrooms, which have been locked with fire doors up to this point, and attach the final doors.