Competencies - December 2019

A carefree Holiday

Perfect drinking water quality for Park Allgäu

In the holiday homes at Center Parcs in Leutkirch (DE), 1,000 Geberit sanitary flush units guarantee clean drinking water pipes and outstanding drinking water quality.

The holiday village operator Center Parcs has built its latest park in the heart of the Allgäu region. Located in natural surroundings, the park offers its guests a relaxing stay in modern holiday homes. In addition to attractions in the surrounding region – including Neuschwanstein Castle – there are also a wide range of shops and restaurants, plus a sub-tropical bathing complex, a Spa & Country Club, and a varied entertainment programme, appealing to young and old alike. The park is thus an attractive proposition for both families and those looking for a more active holiday. Anyone holidaying at Park Allgäu has everything their hearts could desire – including perfect drinking water quality.

The importance of drinking water quality
Hotel facilities are subject to particularly strict requirements when it comes to drinking water quality. Park Allgäu – which was opened in autumn 2018 – is no exception. With 350,000 overnight guests expected each year and an additional 300,000 people visiting for the day, everything at the park has to run smoothly – including from a hygiene perspective. For example, the operators are obliged to ensure that the drinking water systems in all of the residential units work correctly. To make this possible, regular water replacement is necessary. A regular circulation of water can prevent water from becoming stagnant and guarantee the perfect quality of the drinking water in the pipes. In holiday facilities where rooms and apartments may stay empty for some time as a result of the off season or bad weather in particular, it is necessary to replace the drinking water in the pipes at least every 72 hours.

A convincing solution
In order to guarantee the drinking water quality in the residential units on a long-term basis, the people from Center Parcs took the necessary steps when planning the holiday homes. A solution was found quickly – the Geberit sanitary flush unit. Installed underneath the kitchen sink – i.e. it is concealed yet also easily accessible for any maintenance work that may be required – the unit ensures that the pipes remain clean.

Know-How Installed

A volumetric flow rate sensor measures the actual volume of water consumed. When the flush is actuated, only as much water is replaced as is necessary. For example, if a flush volume of ten litres within 72 hours is prescribed but the flow rate at the time of measuring is only four litres, the sanitary flush unit triggers the missing flush volume of six litres.