Sustainability - September 2021

A contribution to social cohesion

Co-operation with social institutions

Meaningful work for people with disabilities: Geberit has been working together with social organisations and institutions for years. The reasons being great quality as well as social cohesion.

“Great quality, flexible partners and competitive prices”: This is how Herbert Steinegger, Head of Procurement at Geberit Austria in Pottenbrunn, summarises the collaboration with GW St. Pölten Integrative Betriebe GmbH. This company employs more than 500 people, 70 percent of whom have physical or mental disabilities. “There is a mutual sense of satisfaction,” said Silvia Parteder, Head of Marketing and Communications at GW St. Pölten. “Beyond the good customer relationship, we very much appreciate the regular exchange of experiences with Geberit.”

Part of the training
Since 2002, Geberit has sourced a wide range of products and services from GW St. Pölten, including assembly work, packing and labelling, as well as the production of metal components. In addition, a regular exchange between apprentices at Geberit and GW St. Pölten is now part of the training programs at the two companies. The aim is to promote social competencies such as team spirit, tolerance and helpfulness.

An initiative organised by the sales companies
As part of its social engagement, Geberit works together with social organisations and workshops for people with disabilities in various locations. It’s about much more than just charity – integrating people with disabilities into the labour market and society. Silvia Parteder from GW St. Pölten emphasised the following: “We see ourselves as a competitive industrial enterprise. We simply provide suitable jobs for people with disabilities.”

Social cohesion
Gainful employment makes an important contribution towards being and remaining part of society. Not only does it allow people to have a sense of independence and to develop individual competencies, it also provides social contact and a regular daily routine. The feeling of being needed also helps with an individual’s well-being. For Geberit, the collaboration with institutions that offer people with disabilities precisely these opportunities is a symbol of our social responsibility. This is why the order volumes are constantly growing – in 2020 Geberit procured services and products from social organisations and workshops for people with disabilities totalling nine million Swiss francs. In 2015, this amount stood at six million francs.