Competencies - January 2022

A film of earth and fire

Geberit ceramics film

For thousands of years, humans have harnessed the force of the four classical elements – earth, water, air and fire – to make sanitary ceramic. This has developed from archaic beginnings some 30,000 years ago to the state-of-the-art, optimised process we see today. This is demonstrated perfectly by the Geberit ceramics film.

Just a few years ago, flush actuators were almost the only place the Geberit name was seen in the bathroom. Today, the square of the Geberit logo is also found on WC ceramic appliances, washbasins and cabinets. This is thanks to Geberit’s expansion into the world of bathroom products following the acquisition of the Finnish company Sanitec in 2015.

150 years of ceramics expertise
Sanitec consisted of more than a dozen ceramics companies from across Europe. With the acquisition, Geberit suddenly had over 150 years of experience in ceramics at its disposal. Today, Geberit is not only a European leader in the field of sanitary technology, but also one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic appliances. Each year, 160,000 tonnes of mineral raw materials are manufactured into around 8,000,000 toilets, washbasins, bidets, urinals, shower trays and half pedestals.

Elegant design and sophisticated functionality
In the field of sanitary technology, every plumber is familiar with the Geberit claim “Know-How Installed”. This embodies the reliability of the products together with the company’s passion for quality and technology. While the Geberit ceramic appliances meet the claim perfectly, they also set themselves apart from the competition thanks to a variety of additional features. The toilets and washbasins should also simplify people’s lives with sophisticated additional functions. Geberit toilets, for example, are easy for the plumber to install and can be cleaned quickly by the bathroom user. This brand promise is known as “Design Meets Function”, with technology and design optimally tailored to one another and ceramic appliances in typical Geberit quality.

Advancing automation
Geberit ceramic appliances are manufactured in ten production plants across Europe. Here, skilled employees combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art production technology. Processes are being automated step by step, with digitalisation also playing an increasingly prominent role. Special attention is paid to sustainable production. Since 2015, it has been possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions at the plants.

When two worlds come together
The manufacturer of sanitary technology has become an important brand for bathroom solutions from a single source. Today, Geberit offers a high-quality product range that combines reliable sanitary technology behind the wall with functional designer products in front of the wall.