A Geberit washbasin and bathroom furniture can be seen in the Spanish Netflix series "Alba".
Markets - January 2023

A Geberit bathroom shines on Netflix

Furniture and washbasin in Spanish series

The Geberit sales company in Spain repeatedly equips film sets with bathroom products. One of these productions has now made it onto Netflix.

If a Spanish film set needs a bathroom, Geberit is on the spot. “We provide products such as toilets, washbasins and bathroom furniture free of charge. For this purpose, we are allowed to use the name of the production, including image material, for advertising purposes,“ says Marketing Manager Alfredo Cabezas from the Geberit sales company Spain.

On the one hand, this approach helps to support local cultural productions. On the other hand, it is a good opportunity to present Geberit products to the general public.

From Spanish TV to Netflix
Now Geberit Spain has hit the jackpot. The series “Alba“, produced by Spanish Atresmedia, has made the leap from local TV stations to the international Netflix portfolio. This allows practically the entire globe to watch the black and white tiled bathroom in the series, which is equipped with an iCon washbasin and a Smyle bathroom furniture and appears in various episodes.

“It's a premiere for us,“ reports Alfredo Cabezas – even though Geberit has been working for some time with an intermediary who initiates such deals with local production companies. The fact that “Alba“ of all people has found its way to Netflix does not surprise the marketing manager. “The series was hugely successful in Spain – now you can see it all over the world.“

13 episodes
“Alba“ is a 13-part series with 50-minute episodes each. Protagonist Alba wakes up with signs of rape, but no memories of the previous evening on the beach. Then she learns that her rapists are friends with her boyfriend. The series produced in Spain with lead actress Elena Rivera has been available on Netflix since summer 2022.

A smile flickers across Alfredo Cabeza's face. Because “Alba“ is just the beginning. “Sometimes there's not a single collaboration with a film production company for a whole year, but now we have three up and running in one fell swoop,“ he says. Two more series are currently being finalized.

He is not allowed to reveal details yet. “But I can imagine that one of them will also arouse Netflix's interest.“

Know-How installed

The aesthetics of the Geberit iCon washbasins are characterised by clear and geometric lines of the outer contours. The washbasin ceramics of the Geberit iCon bathroom series are available in three edge heights: as a standard washbasin, in LightRim design with a reduced edge height of 5.5 cm or as a SlimRim furniture washbasin with a rim height of only 1.5 cm. The countertop washbasins are optionally also available in matt ceramic surface.

Geberit iCon washbasin