References - October 2016

A hip location

Skaters Palace, Münster (DE)

Thanks to Geberit and Keramag products, the toilet facilities at Skaters Palace in the German city of Münster are a real eye-catcher.

Skaters Palace, which was founded in Münster by the German skateboarding legend Titus Dittmann back in 1993, is the very first skater hall in the whole of Germany. During the day, it is primarily used for skateboarding training. During the evening, it plays host to concerts and events with several thousand visitors. This is a major challenge for the heavily used sanitary facilities, which recently underwent an unusual renovation featuring Geberit and Keramag products.

Industrial chic
Skaters Palace, which used to be a factory building, retained its special character following its conversion – and this was also a key aspect when it came to the recent renovation of the sanitary facilities. Space-saving washbasins and WCs from the brand Keramag Renova No. 1 Comprimo proved a perfect solution for making the most of the limited space. Sigma10 actuator plates are used for the toilet flush. The facilities also feature Keramag urinals from the Aller series, with the concrete-encased prewall made of Geberit GIS system rails ensuring that guests can also enjoy the building’s unique industrial look when answering the call of nature.

Geberit Know-how

A fairly unusual solution can be seen in the sanitary facilities at Skaters Palace. Here, a prewall installation was built using the GIS support system. The concealed cisterns were installed in the Duofix frames, which were fixed to the wall and floor. The prewall was then completely filled with concrete. To ensure that the industrial look had an authentic feel, the concrete was not plastered.