Sustainability - October 2014

A joyful village

Social project India

Numerous children get a chance for a good start into their lives ath the Kiran Village. Among them, the physically disabled get even more.

The Kiran Village in Varanasi, a city with 1.2 million inhabitants located on the banks of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh, was founded in 1990 by “Sangeeta” Judith Keller. The Swiss nun recognised the enormous need for a centre for physically disabled children and young people in this region.

A new quality of life
Today, some 300 children and young people from the surrounding areas attend the school, with a further 60 also living there. In addition to schooling, the Kiran Village offers apprenticeship positions in the area of horticulture, carpentry and tailoring, as well as in the village’s own orthopaedic workshop. During their two-week stay in 2014, the Geberit team made up of eight apprentices and two supervisors carried out the urgently needed renovation of the toilet facilities, thus making an important contribution to improving the quality of life for the children and young people.