Competencies - July 2017

A look behind the scenes

An efficient assembly line for Geberit Aquaclean Shower Toilets

Numerous highly intricate steps are necessary before a shower toilet is fully assembled. A look behind the scenes is interesting.

Around 80 employees are involved in the final assembly of the shower toilets at the plant in Jona (CH). For the assembly of the shower toilets, a production approach is used that enables a high degree of flexibility with regard to market demand and also includes comprehensive quality assurance.

Numerous highly intricate steps
There are around 22 individual steps before a shower toilet is fully assembled. Each step requires a great deal of finesse due to the fact that the assembly process is challenging and involves a lot of small parts. When assembling a shower toilet, the ceramic body is first of all bonded to the blue steel frame with millimeter precision. The individual assemblies, such as the spray arm and dryer arm, are installed during the next steps. Bit by bit, all the components find their rightful place in the appliance.

Comprehensive quality checks
Operational sequences, tightness and other quality features are tested thoroughly between each of the individual steps. The finished appliances then undergo an end-of-line test, a procedure that sees the entire product subjected to extensive safety and function tests once again. The finished shower toilets are then carefully packaged into made-to-measure cardboard boxes at the packaging station at the end of the assembly line.