References - April 2019

A model solution

Top-notch freight container conversion

Shipping containers are kind of like Lego® bricks for grown-ups – amazing things can be created with them, like sophisticated living space.

The company “Containerwerk” is making a name for itself with top-notch freight container conversions. The young German start-up, which is headquartered in Stuttgart and has production facilities in Wassenberg, manufactures impressive, high-quality container solutions featuring a patented insulation technology. In Milan, where art and architecture fans meet up every April, “Microliving” – as Containerwerk’s stand was called – proved a crowd-puller.

Wet room in focus
In addition to the insulation, there is also another problem that every conversion of this kind has to overcome. In the case of a 12-metre-long, 2.5-metre-wide, 2.5-metre-high container, the sanitary unit has to be installed in the tightest of spaces and has to be connected to the power supply system and the sewerage system. Nobody knows better what needs to be paid attention to here than the prefabricated bathroom specialists at Geberit Huter in Matrei am Brenner, Austria.

Huter provides solution
As part of a kick-off sponsorship initiative, Huter developed a solution for the exhibition containers that features just about everything there is on offer in terms of comfort features and aesthetically appealing elements. For example, the CleanLine shower channel and the shower-toilet Geberit AquaClean Mera are just some of the products found in the model modules that Containerwerk uses to draw attention to itself. At the same time, the development work is also continuing following the spectacular presentation in Milan.

Know-How Installed

Thanks to its timeless design and easy cleaning, the Geberit CleanLine shower channel is proving very popular among building owners and end users alike. Its core element is the installation set with integrated trap and factory-applied sealing foil. This set is attached to the building shell and connected to the building drainage by the plumber.