Competencies - November 2019

A multipurpose plant

Production reorganised

A lot has happened in the Lower Austrian Pottenbrunn production plant in recent years. After the plant became one of the first to be working with the Geberit Production System (GPS), the time was right to implement the principles of lean management.

Some 2000 parts are produced and assembled on various machines and at a wide range of workstations in Pottenbrunn. Most of these are parts from the Waste Fittings and Traps and Building Drainage Systems product lines and include washbasin drains, shower drains, bathtub drains, fittings for the Silent-PP drainage system and electrofusion couplings as well as roof outlets and floor drains, to name but a few.

The “specialised factory” for special orders
Thanks to the wide range of productions, the plant has an excellent reputation within the Geberit Group. You could almost call it a “specialised factory” for special orders and products. It therefore comes as no surprise that Pottenbrunn was one of the first plants to roll out the Geberit Production System and was thus considered as a pioneer.

Reorganisation without disrupting production
The implementation of the new plant strategy represents a real step forwards. It was important that the entire plant was reorganised in accordance with the principles of lean management without disrupting production. This involved both moving 120 machines and systems as well as asking around 420 employees for a measure of flexibility. “This project saw us lay the foundation for securing the long-term future of the Pottenbrunn plant,” commented Helmut Schwarzl, Managing Director, proudly.