The AquaClean Alba fits into any bathroom design.
Products - April 2024

A new standard in the bathroom

AquaClean Alba shower toilet

The new AquaClean Alba blends into the bathroom design in a simple and elegant way. The shower toilet looks like a classic toilet but can do much more and scores with its favourable price. The start of a new era in the bathroom.

It fits everywhere and always – with its plain elegance, simple lines and gentle curves, the wall-hung AquaClean Alba shower toilet created by designer Christoph Behling blends into any bathroom design. You can see that at first glance. But it's worth taking a closer look.

“It's time for a long overdue step forward in bathroom hygiene.“ Armin Gierer, Head of the AquaClean product line at Geberit, speaks the words emphatically. The new AquaClean Alba shower toilet brings this progress into the everyday bathroom. Not only thanks to its elegant design, but also thanks to its affordable price. Cleaning with water is set to establish itself in the domestic bathroom – with AquaClean Alba.

Focus on the essentials
AquaClean Alba dispenses with frills and focusses on the essentials – at an unbeatable price. “The shower toilet must become the standard in the modern bathroom,“ says Margit Pfeifer, Head of AquaClean Business. “In terms of budget, this means a small additional step in bathroom planning, but a big step towards improving personal hygiene. With AquaClean Alba, we offer the product for this.“

“A small revolution“
For Armin Gierer, the new product is “a small revolution“. “It's obvious that we need a product like this – an attractive, affordable shower toilet for beginners.“ Geberit's many years of shower toilet expertise are perfectly embedded in the product. This starts with efficient production in a European ceramics plant and assembly at the headquarters in Switzerland. And it ranges from simple installation to self-explanatory operation and the all-round service that you would expect from Geberit.

Geberit AquaClean Alba

Geberit AquaClean Alba is a simple, stylish toilet with shower function that ensures optimum personal hygiene after using the toilet. AquaClean Alba is the ideal model for shower toilet newcomers. It offers the most important functions of a shower toilet, such as the effective cleaning shower spray thanks to WhirlSpray shower technology and the highly efficient flushing performance of TurboFlush technology. And it is in the lower price range.