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A plumber on two wheels

Unusually practical

Alessandro Torrini is known in Rome as a bicycle plumber. He even transports heavy loads on his converted two-wheeler and attracts curious looks.

Plumber Alessandro Torrini has been cycling to his customers for more than eight years. True to the motto “Nothing is impossible“, he cycles across the Italian capital, even with large and heavy equipment.

“Doing the job by bike is something wonderful,“ says Alessandro Torrini. But the switch to the saddle has nothing to do with his enjoyment of two wheels. “The traffic chaos in Rome had reached a point where I could no longer meet my customers on time. I was constantly stressed.“

"Getting the job done by bike is something wonderful."
Alessandro Torrini, plumber in Rome

Switching with inventiveness
Alessandro Torrini looked around for an alternative means of transport. A plumber on a bike? That earned him curious looks. “Many people think it's strange and want to know how I can transport my equipment on it.“ In fact, he first had to modify the non-electric vehicle to carry heavy loads. The solution is a 100 x 120 cm platform that he has fitted in front of the steering wheel. On it he can carry rolls of goods almost 3 metres long and a box that can be loaded with up to 90 kilograms of material. It can even carry a heavy boiler.

Thanks to Geberit FlowFit
The fact that he has spent the last 20 years making his equipment as light and compact as came in handy when he switched to the bicycle - and is also one of the reasons why he is so enthusiastic about Geberit FlowFit. “Geberit FlowFit is an excellent product! I can press five different diameters with just one small, light pressing tool and a small pressing jaw.“ Normally, he needs five different pressing jaws for this - and that means additional weight.

For Alessandro Torrini, a lot of legwork and muscle strength are now required. “It's exhausting pedalling with extra weight,“ he says. But that doesn't bother him. He appreciates the advantages that the bike brings. It saves time and money, and parking in Rome has become much easier. He is also rewarded with spectacular views on his routes. “In a car, you completely forget what beautiful places Rome has to offer. I can now enjoy them on my bike.“