Markets - September 2022

All in one place

Geberit Shop in Belgrad, Serbia

Designing the bathroom with tiles, taps and Geberit products - all in one place? This possibility has recently become available in Belgrade at the Geberit Shop.

Zorana Stojanović presents the pull-out cabinet with Geberit actuator plates.
Thanks to clever design solutions, the Geberit shop in Belgrade offers a lot of visual material in a small space. (Photo: Branko Starcevic)

“Refresh your bathroom - with Geberit“: this message is currently omnipresent in Belgrade. Modern trams drive through the Serbian capital with it; the cockpits are decorated at both ends with appealing pictures of the bathroom series Geberit ONE and Geberit iCon. White Geberit lettering adorns the blue-painted centre carriages.

Belgraders can also find inspiration in a bathroom design shop, exclusively with Geberit products. From bathroom ceramics to complete bathroom series, a large selection of Geberit products can be viewed, tried out and ordered there.

“Our customers find everything here in one place: know-how, design and a good atmosphere.”
Zorana Stojanović, Sales consultant, Geberit prodaja d.o.o

More than a showroom
In 2019, the wholesaler DeltaTerm approached the Geberit team in Belgrade with the idea of opening a joint showroom. The two partners quickly agreed that it should become more than an exhibition for product samples. “On the one hand, we wanted to create a space for interior designers to discuss our products and solutions with us; on the other, we wanted to be able to offer consumers bathroom design from a single source,“ recalls Zorana Stojanović, who was responsible for this project on the Geberit side.

Know-how and a good mood
No sooner said than done: the Geberit Shop opened its doors in June 2020. Since then, it has become an established address. Architects, designers, plumbers and consumers make active use of the services they receive here: Advice from a professional interior designer and the opportunity to try out Geberit products. Finally, DeltaTerm also offers a select range of interior design products, such as faucets and ceramic tiles.

Zorana Stojanović is very pleased with the rising sales figures. “Our customers find everything here in one place: know-how, design and a good atmosphere”.