Employees - June 2024

Always a sympathetic ear

Relationship-oriented management style

Nataša Iršič Bedenik has been Head of Production in Ruše (SI) since 2019. Contact with employees is particularly important to her in this management role. She does a lot to achieve this.

If you accompany Nataša Iršič Bedenik through the production hall at the Ruše plant (SI), it usually takes a little longer. A few words here, a quick chat there – you can tell straight away that, as Head of Production, she likes to take time for her employees. And there are quite a few of them: 250 employees from the areas of production, logistics, planning and process technology work in her area.

Close to the employees
In addition to various meetings, a tour of production is part of Nataša Iršič Bedenik's daily routine. She describes her job as extremely varied – with different challenges every day. It is important for her to be close to her employees. This is one of the reasons why the mother of two works in production a few days a year. “This allows me to directly experience the problems our employees are confronted with and support them in finding solutions,“ she says.

Of course, she doesn't always have a suitable solution for every problem. “But the employees know that they can come to me at any time,“ says Nataša Iršič Bedenik.

Flair for technology
She learnt the importance of presence in an industrial company from her father, a mechanical engineer. And probably also a flair for technology. She completed a degree in chemical engineering at the University of Maribor (SI) and then worked at a chemical company in Ljubljana (SI). Just over five years ago, she moved to the Geberit plant in Ruše, near her home region of Maribor.

Surprising leisure activity
In her free time, Nataša Iršič Bedenik pursues a wide variety of interests. The passionate skier is currently attending creative thinking courses. She says: “I like to develop my knowledge in different areas.“ Geberit can certainly also look forward to such leisure activities.