Employees - July 2021

Always stay flexible

International projects in an innovative environment

At first glance, an innovative IT world and sanitary technology don’t really go together. But what Alina Dangel experienced at Geberit exceeded her expectations. Today, the SAP specialist is convinced that Geberit is very much a leader when it comes to IT.

“I knew early on that I wanted to train in IT. And that’s why I started off working in a small IT systems company. Afterwards, I completed my education with a dual degree programme in business informatics at Geberit because it gave me both theory and practice in an optimal form.

I assumed responsibility for projects very early on at Geberit. I started off as an IT application analyst in 2017 in SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) and have been working in close cooperation with Human Resources since then. During the last 3.5 years, I have been able to gain valuable experience and have encountered openness, innovation and quality at Geberit.

Working at an international level
I found it very exciting to be included in international projects from the very beginning. This gives me the opportunity to work with a whole host of experienced colleagues from different Geberit locations. For one project, I actually lived in Sweden for several weeks. All the international projects give me the chance to combine my work with my passion for travel and help me get to know new cultures, people and sites.

I am particularly impressed by the 'Geberit spirit'. It’s not just something you can feel in IT; you can feel it everywhere. In my view, this is made possible by the common will to change things and drive them on. So far, I have experienced this at every Geberit site, and time and again I feel proud that we manage to move so much together.

As far as I can tell, new IT employees particularly appreciate the open communication and esteem we experience. Experience and knowledge are shared and there is always someone ready to help you if problems crop up.

For me personally, Geberit offers what I am looking for. It was important for me to find a meaning in my work, and also to have the opportunity of applying my capabilities and keep developing. I have been given the chance to attend the 'Potentials Management – Regional Level' internal development programme which is a very valuable opportunity for me to continue my development.”