Employees - April 2024

An exchange across borders

Marketing Exchange Programme

Two marketing employees swap places. Lamya Kabbesch from Group Marketing is going to Denmark and Urtė Karlonaitė from Nordic Marketing is working in Switzerland for three months. The two pioneers of a new exchange programme for marketing employees report.

Urtė Karlonaitė
From Vilnius (LT) to Rapperswil-Jona (CH)

“I hoped to gain insights into the Group's marketing world through the exchange and to benefit from this in my day-to-day job. And I like discovering new places, new things and new people.

On the first day, I learnt the Swiss greeting “Grüezi“ – and used it on the street. You don't do that here in Lithuania.

The people in Rapperswil-Jona gave me a very warm welcome. The team is much bigger than in Nordic Marketing. I couldn't remember all the names.

I learnt a lot of new things in the field of piping systems in Switzerland, especially as my previous knowledge was really limited. One of the highlights was filming the new Silent-Pro SuperTube system in Vienna. I was impressed by how an outstanding result was achieved with a small team.“

Lamya Kabbesch
From Rapperswil-Jona to Aarhus (DK)

“I was hoping to do and experience something new. I wanted to see a larger market and gain a deeper insight into this work. I also wanted to experience new product areas and get to know the people in the Nordics region better.

When I arrived, it was raining in Denmark – and it wouldn't stop. The people gave me a very warm welcome. They helped me to find my way around and looked after me, even when it was storming outside.

In Denmark, I looked particularly closely at the bathroom series sector and learnt a lot of new things about this product world. I also worked with tools that the markets use. This helps me to process marketing material even more specifically.“

Lamya Kabbesch (left) and Urtė Karlonaitė talk about the role reversal.

Marketing exchange programme

The purpose of Geberit's marketing exchange programme is to give Group employees an insight into the everyday life of the local Geberit sales companies – and vice versa. The aim is to promote mutual understanding and strengthen cooperation.