Employees - October 2015

An extension of the research team

Head of technology at the Villadose plant

Pipe production in the northern Italian town of Villadose is running at full speed, thanks in no small part to the experience and resourcefulness of the Head of Technology Filippo Tenani.

Since 2014, the Villadose plant has had a new production line that is dedicated entirely to the blockbuster Silent-PP. As Head of Technology, Filippo Tenani is responsible for ensuring that the production line functions properly.

The work of the screw
“During extrusion, materials with very different properties are mixed,” he explains. “In our case, the materials are talcum, polypropylene and a couple of additives.” These components are prepared in the high-tech compounding facility. This is where the “screw” – the name given to the counterrotating screws inside the extruder – comes into play. The screw blends the components to form a homogeneous mixture.

Patently great work
Although the computer-controlled screw can also carry out its work without human assistance, the constant search for the right mixture is left to Filippo Tenani. “In addition to continuously improving processes, I’m primarily involved in the industrialisation of new products,” explains Filippo Tenani, who has been working in Villadose since 2010. As an extension of the Geberit Group’s Technology & Innovation department, he is always able to create the right mixture – and thus plays his part in the development of new patents.

Geberit Know-How

Launched in 2009, Silent-PP is a plug-in and sound-absorbing piping system used in building drainage. The three-layer pipes are noted for their low thermal expansion and high ring stiffness, and can also be processed at low temperatures.