Markets - April 2016

And action!

The expert behind the installation videos

Geberit’s short computer-animated videos are very popular among experts from the industry. Behind them is a great deal of know-how, a lot of work and a man who pulls the strings in the background.

In an international environment, interactive instructions have to also work without words and be easy to understand, regardless of whether they are aimed at technical specialists or end users. This is not an easy task, particularly with installation videos. To ensure that these come off as planned, Huw Williams works in close collaboration with specialists within the company.

A passion for perfection
The native Englishman has an interesting job profile – he is both a scriptwriter and a director. He creates the scripts for the computer-animated installation and functionality videos. Here, the experienced multimedia manager meticulously documents all the steps – from the installation of the products right through to putting them into operation. This work forms the basis for the classic, easy-to-understand Geberit installation videos that he creates afterwards in the computer studios.

Popular videos
In 2016, 95 installation videos, 25 functionality videos and 13 videos made especially for end users have already been produced under the watchful eye of the multimedia specialist to date. And because the short, completely wordless three- to eight-minute videos also work internationally, they enjoy great popularity on the Geberit YouTube channel.