Products - June 2015

As clean as a whistle

Geberit sanitary flush unit

Several thousand people become infected with legionella bacteria each year, and the shower is the place where this most commonly occurs.

The microscopically small bacteria legionella enter the environment from contaminated water supply lines. The only way to become infected with these bacteria is by inhaling them for example, in the shower. Pipes in which water has stagnated over a longer period and temperatures range between 25 and 50 °C represent a perfect breeding ground for these bacteria.

An efficient germ-killer
Stagnant water is not uncommon in public buildings (sports facilities, schools, hospitals, etc.) as well as in private holiday homes and holiday accommodation. The sanitary flush unit from Geberit ensures that showering remains a safe experience in such places. It automatically flushes the pipes with fresh water at regular intervals, thus preventing germs and bacteria from being able to multiply. The sanitary flush unit can be programmed manually or via smartphone.

Know-How Installed

Various sensors determine the actual volumetric flow rate and the water temperature in a particular pipe section. Inside the control unit, another sensor precisely logs how much water has been replaced by the sanitary flush unit. This enables a time-, volume-, temperature- and use-based configuration of the programmable flushing technology.

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