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Baltic solo

Market cultivation in Lithuania

Within Geberit, Karolis Bacevičius is the man responsible for Lithuania. Nothing extraordinary about that, you may think. However, he looks after the Baltic country virtually all by himself.

Up to 2011, Lithuania was managed from Poland, while the neighbouring countries Latvia and Estonia were managed by Geberit International Sales AG (or GISA for short). Back then, Andrzej Dobrut, the Managing Director of the Polish sales company, was the person responsible for enquiries from the Baltic market. Because the Lithuanian market had grown in importance, he looked for a technical advisor for that region and quickly found the perfect man for the job in the young Lithuanian Karolis Bacevičius.

Going the extra mile

Andrzej Dobrut can’t praise the Lithuanian highly enough: “Getting him to join Geberit was a great decision. He settled into the team in virtually no time at all – language barriers aside.” Karolis Bacevičius, who had previously worked at a local wholesaler, takes on responsibility for the sales location Lithuania. The Baltic country is sparsely populated and is somewhat comparable to Ireland. The technical advisor covers around 3,000 kilometres a month visiting his customers in Kaunas, in Klaipėda on the Baltic coast and in the capital of Vilnius.