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Bathrooms in perfect harmony

All-round solutions for bathrooms of all sizes

The functionality of ceramic appliances such as washbasins has hardly changed over the past few decades. What has changed, however, is the importance of the bathroom.

Once a purely functional room, the bathroom has since become a place where personal style and taste play a major role. As a result, fewer and fewer homeowners are settling for boring and conventional bathrooms, instead opting to design and furnish this room according to their own specifications.

Visual highlights in demand

By choosing the right ceramic appliances, furniture and fittings, visual highlights can be added to the bathroom. Geberit is therefore constantly working on expanding its product range by adding new, original designs. “Developing a new designer range requires both an excellent sense of style and a thorough understanding of the possibilities in terms of production engineering,” says Simon Hopps, Head of Design & Innovation for Ceramic Appliances at Geberit.

Creative minds at play

“Most of our new bathroom lines are developed within our own ranks. A current example of this is the ‘IDO Glow’ range from Scott Derbyshire. However, we also continually draw inspiration from external designers,” explains Simon Hopps. The past few years have seen the launch of the ceramic appliance series “Citterio”, “Silk” and “Xeno²” – the result of fruitful collaboration with internationally renowned architects and designers, such as Antonio Citterio, Michael Schmitt and Robin Platt.