Casting hall in Koło, Poland
Sustainability - April 2023

Cleverly illuminated

Sustainable with LED

Geberit is gradually equipping production halls with LED lighting. The result? Considerable energy savings and better working conditions. Three examples.

Even a simple means can save a lot of electricity. Lamps in the production halls of the Geberit plants are gradually being replaced with LED lamps. For example, at the plants in Koło, Poland. Both production facilities are 98% equipped with LED technology. Compared to previous years, the new lighting saves more than 60% energy. “It is only one of the measures to reduce energy consumption,“ says Marek Krzewinski, Head of Technical Production at the Geberit plant in Koło, “but a very efficient one. Overall, we managed to improve the energy efficiency of the Koło plant by over 10% compared to 2020.“

Rapperswil-Jona also with LED
Similar to heat recovery, the conversion to LED lighting is also a plant-wide measure. At the Rapperswil-Jona (CH) plant, both production halls have been equipped with LED lighting since 2020. The annual savings amount to approx. 104,000 kWh, which means 48% less electricity consumption than in 2019. The electricity saved could supply around 80 single-person households for a year.

Where necessary
Oliver Werner, Head of Maintenance at the plant in Langenfeld (DE), also expects very high energy savings from the conversion to LED lighting. The production halls there were equipped with LED lamps in 2022. Now the lighting is controlled by computer as needed. Oliver Werner explains: “We now not only save 80% of the energy for lighting, but also improve the working conditions for our employees at the same time.“