Products - March 2016

Complete flexibility

The comprehensive Geberit urinal system

Geberit’s well-known strengths as a system provider are now coming into their own in a comprehensive urinal system.

Planning, installing and maintaining urinals is a complex undertaking. Simplicity – a quality that the new Geberit urinal system offers building owners, plumbers and operators of public toilet facilities – is therefore highly sought after.

Perfectly matched
The central elements of the urinal system are the two rimless urinal ceramic appliances Preda and Selva, both of which were developed by Geberit. These are available in three versions – with a urinal flush control integrated into the ceramic appliance, with the proven concealed urinal control and a solution for completely waterless operation. Because the inner geometry of the two urinal ceramic appliances perfectly matches the spray head, an optimal flush can be achieved even with the smallest flush volume of 0.5 litres.

Uncomplicated maintenance
The urinal system also impresses when it comes to maintenance. Thanks to easily accessible components, maintenance is possible without needing to remove the ceramic appliance beforehand. For example, in the version with an integrated urinal flush control, the compact control unit is located in a docking station underneath the ceramic appliance – a decisive advantage as this reduces maintenance work. The trap and spray head are also positioned with particularly easy maintenance in mind – you can clean and replace them without removing the urinal ceramic appliance.

Design Meets Function

Preda and Selva are designed for optimal flushing-out performance at minimal water volumes, but also work quietly and without splashes when larger flush volumes are used. This is possible thanks to the spray head, which is precisely tailored to the inner geometry of the two ceramic appliances.

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