Sustainability - January 2015

Consistently sustainable

Environmentally friendly thanks to eco-design

As a standard practice, Geberit applies the eco-design testing criterion to all products in development to align them with the principles of sustainability – right across their entire product life cycle. After all, only products that fulfil strict sustainability criteria deserve to be launched in the market.

Geberit consistently focuses on eco-design. The company aims to use the resources required to manufacture a product intelligently and prudently in order to impact the environment as little as possible. Geberit focuses on sustainability as early as the product development phase. At the centre of these efforts are environmentally friendly materials and functional principles, minimised risks and a high level of resource efficiency in the production process and for the product itself

Efficient analysis
As a result, employees from various disciplines take part in special eco-design workshops. The workshops include a systematic product analysis across the entire life cycle, a verification of statutory requirements as well as an analysis of competitors’ products. Because Geberit regards eco-design as the key to establishing an environmentally friendly product range, the resulting ecological optimisations are to be incorporated into every new product.