The house is located on a cliff in Sydney's coastal suburb of Tamarama and is constantly exposed to the harsh weather.
References - January 2024

Defying salt water

Tamarama House, Sydney (AU)

Geberit cisterns defied harsh weather conditions in Sydney seaside suburb for over 20 years. During the renovation of Tamarama House, it was therefore clear that the bathrooms should once again be fitted with Geberit products.

High up on a headland overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the house is perched on a cliff in Sydney’s coastal suburb of Tamarama. Flanked by the famous waterfront promenade, the residents are spoilt with Australian sunshine and sea breezes – for better or for worse.

Salt and corrosion
After more than 20 years, the house was to be restored to its former glory. But what began as a refreshment quickly developed into a comprehensive renovation. The salt-damaged elements had to be replaced and the extensive damage caused by the corrosive environment had to be repaired.

The proximity to the seawater put the interior to the test. The TV sets only lasted six months, and the construction workers' tools were damaged after just five months. The sockets also showed signs of corrosion and the handrails were constantly wet from the sea mist.

Durable and tight
The four bathrooms in the house were not exempt from the extreme weather conditions. With one exception: during the renovation, the builders came across Geberit concealed cisterns that were over 20 years old and still worked perfectly. The cisterns made of the durable HDPE material had not only stood the test of time, but also outlasted many of the other fixtures in the house.

For Anthony Arena, owner of the construction company Forest Building, the decision was therefore clear: Geberit concealed cisterns were once again installed in all four bathrooms. “If I’m burying something in the wall and it’s full of water, I want to have confidence that it isn’t going to sprout a leak and give me grief in a year, two years,” he explains. “The Geberit cisterns have been in this house for 20 years and there’s no issue with them.”

Simple installation
The installer was also pleased. He emphasised how easy it was to install the cisterns – thanks to the frame and good accessibility. For Anthony Arena, one thing is certain: “If I have the opportunity to choose a cistern, I will always choose Geberit.“

Know-how Installed

The Geberit concealed cistern is the classic of a modern bathroom installation and has been in use millions of times worldwide for over 50 years. It is known in particular for its reliability. Every cistern is tested for leaks before delivery. Geberit also ensures the flushing functionality of the concealed cisterns for 50 years and thus the availability of spare parts.