References - May 2011

Desert Sand and Veils

Zayed University, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Striking, futuristic and built to the highest technical standards, Zayed University – named after its founder, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – was designed to meet the highest demands in all respects.

For Zayed University, Hadi Teherani and his team at BRT Architects created a large-volume, sculptural structure with dimensions that make the observer think the architects decided to test the limits of what is statically feasible.

Seamless free-form roof
The design combines futuristic architecture, engineering ingenuity and traditional elements. The roof covers the library, the conference centre, the cafeterias and the university administration offices on a site comprising a total area of 100,000 square metres. The particular charm and dynamism of this roofscape lie in the architectural gesture with which it penetrates and shapes the urban space.

Sculptural structure
When it came to the roof design, it was not a matter of hunting down a suitable random computer-generated shape. Instead, the architects aimed at evoking an association with the veil and capturing the image of desert sand drifting in the wind that dynamically incorporates rigid fixed points. Since autumn 2011, around 6,000 students have been studying at the campus, which covers an area of 80 hectares.

Geberit Know-how

When building Zayed University, great importance was also attached to good design, quality, durability and sustainability when it came to selecting the products. Electronic Geberit washbasin taps type 185 were installed in the bathrooms as they combine these qualities in one product. Due to their economical energy and water consumption, the taps were awarded the WELL label in 2011.