Markets - January 2020

Focus on end users

"Better bathrooms, better lives"

With the “Better bathrooms, better lives” campaign, Geberit is addressing potential private customers directly. The goal is to offer them support when making decisions and to direct them to local Geberit partners.

The new campaign was launched in German-speaking markets at the end of 2019. Additional countries will follow in 2020.

Better bathrooms, better lives
With the current portfolio of elegant and functional bathroom solutions, end users and decision-makers that deal with end users, i.e. interior designers and exhibitors, are becoming much more important to Geberit. Increasing the level of communication with end users is thus the logical and final step of a long-term strategy. This began with the integration of the ceramics business, continued with the concentration on the Geberit brand and has now been rounded off with the “Better bathrooms, better lives” campaign. The campaign name reflects the basic aim of what Geberit hopes to achieve as a company, namely to use innovative sanitary products and solutions to improve people’s quality of life in the long term.

What is required in the bathroom?

«After carrying out studies and tests, we have identified a total of six requirements: cleanliness, accessibility, optimisation of space, comfort, design and user-friendliness. We know that these are relevant topics in the bathroom and we have to offer good solutions for these requirements in the form of our products.»
Martin Baumüller, Head of Group Executive Area Marketing & Brands

Promotional films, websites and a system for customer acquisition and care
The campaign consists primarily of three elements. The short films – each of which addresses one of the six customer requirements in the bathroom – mainly raise awareness on social media channels. Potential customers that click on the films will be taken to the website of the respective campaign market. The websites for these markets are the centrepiece of the campaign and offer end users inspiring stories, tips and tricks as well as a wide range of tools to support the planning and realisation of their dream bathrooms. The third element of this process is a computer-based system for customer acquisition and care, which will guarantee that customers are provided with end-to-end support.

Design Meets Function

A plus in terms of cleanliness: Geberit ONE ensures reduced cleaning work. For example, the toilet boasts a flow-optimised inner geometry that dispenses with a flush rim where dirt can accumulate. The WC seat ring and lid are easy to remove, thus doing their bit to ensure easy cleaning.