View of the goods handling area. This has been reorganised and everything is now easier with digital aids.
Competencies - April 2024

Freight handling at high speed

Digitalisation in logistics

Goods handling at Geberit Group Logistics is becoming more digital. 250 chauffeurs per day can check in and out via a multilingual portal. This saves a lot of time.

Truckers have a tough job. When they are not driving long hours on the tarmac, they have to handle goods in often foreign countries. Around 250 lorries arrive at the Geberit Group Logistics Centre in Pfullendorf (DE) every day. The transshipment centre is huge. Where is the delivery to be placed – and where is the new one to be picked up?

These questions are equally challenging chauffeurs and Geberit Logistics. Alexander Zimmermann, Head of Warehousing, says: “It's tricky for everyone involved – also because of the language barrier.“ The drivers often hardly speak German; and the employees in logistics usually only speak German. “Until now, the drivers would often run into the logistics hall and try to find their new trailer and the necessary paperwork with their hands and feet.“

A portal that helps
A terrain management system that has been gradually introduced over the last few years provides a remedy. New markings structure the previously bare car park. Group Logistics also introduced self-service terminals to manage lorry arrival times as well as incoming and outgoing freight. Drivers can register their lorry number plate at the terminals, receive a ticket and are automatically admitted using vehicle recognition. The ticket contains all relevant delivery information in the required language.

The service is available in 14 languages. Digital check-out is also possible. “Ideally, the drivers can handle the entire transhipment process on their own,“ says Alexander Zimmermann.