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Geberit Innovation Days

Online event from the «House of Geberit»

From the “House of Geberit”, Geberit broadcasts online in a live stream directly from the exhibition booth to the office or home office. Via this new and unique platform, Geberit streams comprehensive information on design, functionality and technology.

In the “House of Geberit”, Geberit will be presenting its new innovations for the coming year and other relevant content for partners in over 30 countries from March to April 2021. While the current situation means the event will take place online, a 300 square metres exhibition booth containing all new products has been built so that the innovations can be presented in a way that is as realistic and practice-oriented as possible.

Individual order of events

The agenda is planned online by the visitor depending on the subjects of interest. The three-day Innovation Days event offers information, knowledge and interesting discussions in up to ten freely selectable subject areas. The presentation of each individual topic takes around 20 to 25 minutes, meaning the participants can plan the selected sessions easily in their personal calendar. The presentations are streamed online directly from the “House of Geberit” and provide product information and practical knowledge in compact form with moderation, video shorts and animations.

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April 21-23 - Geberit Denmark

April 21-23 - Geberit Sweden

April 21-23 - Geberit Finland

April 21-23 - Geberit Norway

April 21-23 - Geberit Lithuania

April 21-23 - Geberit Latvia

April 21-23 - Geberit Estonia