The power plants Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG in the Grimsel region in Switzerland produce certified "naturemade" electricity. (© Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG)
Sustainability - October 2022

Geberit relies on green power

The share of renewable energy sources increased

Electricity from renewable energy sources already accounts for half of Geberit's total electricity consumption. The proportion of electricity generated in accordance with strict ecological criteria is growing particularly strongly. Because sustainable electricity production involves more than just dispensing with fossil energy sources.

“With its commitment, Geberit is making an important contribution to the greening of the energy system,“ says Pascal Steingruber, Managing Director of the Association for Environmentally Sound Energy. The association awards the “naturemade“ label. It is a certificate for electricity that is not only produced from renewable energy sources but also in a climate-friendly way. The highest quality level, “naturemade star“, includes a fund for renaturation projects.

Geberit has been using green electricity certified with the “naturemade“ label since 2008. Starting at the Pfullendorf plant in Germany with 6 GWh in 2008, the volume was gradually increased to 38 GWh by the end of 2021. Since the beginning of 2022, a total of five sites have been purchasing “naturemade“ electricity: Pfullendorf (DE), Haldensleben (DE) and the Polish plants in Kolo, in Wloclawek and in Ozorkow. By the end of 2022, the total volume of “naturemade“ electricity will increase by a further 20 GWh.

Half of the electricity comes from renewable energy sources
Very many processes and activities in a company require electricity, from the production facilities to the lighting of buildings and electronic devices. At Geberit, electricity accounts for around 30% of total energy consumption.

Geberit purchases the majority of its electricity. As of the end of 2021, around 50% of the electricity came from renewable energy sources and certified ecological production.

What is green electricity?

Physically, conventionally produced electricity is no different from that generated from renewable energy sources. They all reach households and businesses via the same electricity grid. The difference lies in the way the electricity is produced and in the ecological footprint of each type of production.

Certified green electricity refers to a method of electricity production that meets additional environmental criteria. Not only does this electricity come 100 percent from renewable energy sources, but the production facilities (hydroelectric power plants, biogas plants) must also be operated according to ecological criteria. This includes, among other things, the renaturation of habitats that had to make way for the electricity production plants or the observance of residual water volumes at hydropower plants.