References - July 2013

High-density approach

Dutch waterfront projects

“De Rotterdam” and “IJDock” are two impressive large-scale construction projects that significantly shape the cityscape on the waterfront of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Since 2013, Amsterdam and Rotterdam have two new landmarks. “De Rotterdam” and “IJDock” are impressive large-scale construction projects that significantly shape the public space and have the potential to breathe new life into both cities.

Vertical city
In terms of floor area, “De Rotterdam” is the largest building in the Netherlands. Standing at 150 metres tall and with a width of just under 100 metres, the high-rise ensemble on the Wilhelminapier along the Meuse in Rotterdam consists of three high-rise towers positioned side by side and interconnected by a massive six-floor base. The West Tower has 45 residential levels, the 41-floor Mid Tower is used as an office high-rise and the 43 floors of the East Tower are divided into office and hotel areas.

A compact peninsula
Located on a man-made peninsula on the IJ, the so-called “IJDock” is a central element in both the revitalisation of the waterfront and in the urban planning of Amsterdam. With its varied array of building types and uses and the hundreds of people living and working on the island, “IJDock” is expected to breathe new life into the IJ waterfront. “IJDock” contains a harbour for the water police, an office building, an apartment building with 56 apartments, a car park with 500 spaces as well as a hotel and the new Palace of Justice – the most defining building on “IJDock”.