Products - May 2016

Keep calm

Geberit Silent-Pro – the highly sound-insulating drainage plug-in system

The trend is clear. Be it at home or when travelling, less and less people are willing to put up with disturbing sanitary noise when trying to fall asleep. A good thing, then, that Geberit Silent-Pro is available as of 2016.

The demands when it comes to modern drainage systems vary greatly for the various target groups. From the perspective of a tenant, a discharge pipe is only perfect when it is neither seen nor heard. As far as a property owner is concerned, an optimal drainage system is one that works for decades without any issues. A sanitary professional would say that an ideal system fulfils all relevant fire protection regulations and sound insulation guidelines while also being well thought out down to the last detail in terms of installation technology.

Put to the test
Geberit Silent-Pro lives up to these high expectations. But what exactly sets this pipe apart from others? The outstanding sound insulation is achieved by the high inherent weight of the product material, increased wall thicknesses at the impact zones on the fittings as well as a consistent decoupling from the building structure. The sound levels were ascertained and compliance with the strict limit values was confirmed in over 50 realistic construction situations in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute.

A plumber’s dream
The installation of discharge pipes is usually hard work because the pipes and fittings are often already installed during an early construction stage. This means working with heavy tools, either on the top of a ladder or kneeling close to the ground. These issues were taken into consideration when developing the pipes. As a result, the pipes can be connected both quickly and efficiently using plug-in connections. Special indentations highlight 30-degree angles and assist with the alignment of the fittings. Grasping ribs aid handling of the compact fittings, and durable seal rings keep the pipes permanently sealed. As we said, well thought out down to the last detail.

Take a look at the Geberit Silent-Pro commercial.

Know-How Installed

Tangible support is needed if work on the building site has to proceed quickly and safely. One look at the pipes and fittings and you can immediately tell that Geberit Silent-Pro was made by pros for pros. An example? The indentations at angles of 30 degrees let you know for sure whether the fitting is precisely aligned.

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