Competencies - June 2012

Live Demonstration

The Geberit waste water tower

At the end of the 1960s, Geberit decided to build a facility with which the workings of the laws of physics in waste water hydraulics could be presented in a concrete manner.

In 1970, the first waste water tower went into operation in Jona. Not long afterwards, the first training events took place for which the tower was the central focus. It was a great attraction for professionals and visitors, both from home and abroad, from its very first day forward. The tower was such an attraction that a few years later the German and Italian sales companies built similar waste water towers at their respective sites in Pfullendorf and Manno.

Sophisticated sanitary technology
At the waste water tower the consequences of professionally correct and incorrect installations can be shown to the viewer, while of course always taking into account the country-specific standards. A variety of installations for building drainage can be presented in 1:1 size. Thanks to transparent pipes and fittings and dyed water, the viewer can see precisely how the water flows away.

Today, several Geberit training centres are equipped with a waste water tower. The installations are continuously updated and equipped with new case examples. Depending on its size, up to 60 different construction situations can be presented in realistic scenarios at one waste water tower.