Competencies - February 2019

Lock, stock and barrel

This is how a concealed cistern is created

How is a pile of plastic granules transformed into a complete concealed cistern?

The key steps:

1. Liquefying of plastic granules
2. Blow moulding
3. Removal of surplus parts, milling off of blank to the standard height
4. Attachment of flush bend using spin welding
5. Drilling of all holes, milling out of service opening
6. Attachment of protection box, insertion of fill and flush valve as well as actuation mechanism
7. Pressing in and wedging of fixing brackets, attachment of insulation with hot glue
8. Insertion of media pipe, attachment of Geberit logo
9. Insertion into Duofix installation element
10. Adding of additional parts (sound insulation mat, installation manual, etc.)
11. Packaging