Products - May 2024

New design possibilities at the washplace

Geberit Mix & Match

Customers now have new options for designing their washplace. With Geberit Mix & Match, washbasins, bathroom furniture and accessories from the Geberit ONE, Acanto and iCon series can be combined in a modular way and across all series.

We’ve all been there. You fall in love with a particular washbasin design, but the matching bathroom furniture just isn’t ticking the boxes. In most cases, bathroom furniture and sanitary ceramics from one series can’t be freely combined with other models, as the designs and installation aren’t compatible.

Geberit Mix & Match solves this dilemma. It offers you a wide range of options for putting together the washplace of your dreams in terms of design, function and budget. With Geberit Mix & Match, washbasins and bathroom furniture from the Geberit ONE, Acanto and iCon bathroom series can be combined with one another.

The design and installation of the three bathroom series are now perfectly coordinated. The washplace can also be expanded as required with the addition of a mirror cabinet, or an illuminated mirror and other accessories for added storage space such as low cabinets. Customers benefit from a larger selection and more combination options.

The products in the Mix & Match assortment create more storage space. The new drawer design without trap cutout consistently provides more space in the drawers. You can also create additional storage space in the bathroom as a whole by combining side cabinets or tall cabinets with the washbasin and bathroom furniture.

Universal and efficient installation

When it comes to the installation process for the bathroom furniture and sanitary ceramics in the Geberit Mix & Match assortment, everything is the same. This means professional installers can get to grips with how to install the Geberit washplace in no time at all, and they will find the process easy and efficient to repeat as required.