Sustainability - November 2016

Next stop: Warsaw

Social project in Poland

The team working on the 2016 social project – an established tradition at Geberit – ensures that the schoolchildren at the primary school Żwirki i Wigury in Poland receive new sanitary facilities.

Wola is still one of Warsaw’s poorer districts – a fact that becomes apparent when you see the sanitary facilities at the primary school Żwirki i Wigury, which was built in 1949. The arrival of the Geberit team, which comprises ten apprentices, couldn’t come at a better time. Its mission: To renovate and expand the toilet facilities.

Successful demolition
The team sets to work with great enthusiasm right from day one. Within two weeks, the old toilets and washbasins will be professionally removed and disposed of, tiles chipped off and walls torn down. New supply and discharge pipes will also be installed and tightness-tested under the professional guidance of technical manager Norbert Peuckmann, who normally works as a sales consultant for Geberit when back home in Germany. At the end of the second week, the facilities are prepared to such an extent that only the finishing touches have to be added.

A welcome change
However, it is not all hard work, with the apprentices also making things and playing sports with the children. Indeed, interacting with the children has been a key aspect of the social projects for a number of years, the goal of which is to give the Geberit apprentices the opportunity to also make new personal experiences away from their normal everyday life. Seeing the many smiling children at the end of the assignment is reward enough for the two intense weeks.