Products - March 2020

Obstacle-free planning

The Geberit BIM Catalogue offers compact BIM Models for Practical use

Digital planning is all very well if the manufacturers’ planning data is up-to-date, error-free and complete. This is where Geberit comes in with help for sanitary engineers with the new BIM Catalogue Plug-in for Autodesk Revit.

Building Information Modelling – or BIM for short – is the new planning and construction standard in the construction industry. The significance of BIM is growing increasingly. This is why Geberit makes BIM data for piping and installation systems available for sanitary engineers to access using the Geberit BIM Catalogue Plug-in for Autodesk Revit. Using the Geberit BIM Catalogue Plug-in, sanitary engineers and architects are given up-to-date BIM data at all times in the corresponding language for the available product range in the market. This dispenses with the time-consuming search for BIM data on external platforms.

Limiting the amounts of data
The file size is relevant when lots of BIM objects have been incorporated. If the individual data records are too large, the overall model pushes the hardware and software systems required for digital planning to their absolute limit. To make sure this does not happen and the data is easy to process for the sanitary engineers, Geberit uses highly simplified, parametric geometries. These do without graphic details but contain all the planning-relevant metadata. This prevents the software and hardware from being overloaded. Technically speaking, Geberit delivers the Autodesk Revit BIM objects as “Revit families”. Revit families are groups of identical or very similar products which can be controlled using parameters. This means, for example, that pipes can be changed in terms of their dimension with just a few clicks without the BIM object itself having to be exchanged. This also helps to keep the file size small, simplifies changes to the draft and supports the efficient planning of sanitary appliances.

“When working with Geberit piping systems, a simple double-click in the Geberit BIM Catalogue Plug-in loads all the available dimensions and planning-relevant fittings of the respective piping system. Furthermore, further special fittings and fitting parts can be loaded at any time using the BIM Catalogue Plug-in.”
Werner Trefzer, Head of Technical Documentation and BIM Manager

A local offering
One option that makes life substantially easier for the sanitary engineer is the possibility of choosing between a manufacturer-specific and manufacturer-neutral representation of the planned BIM objects. This significantly simplifies tendering in the public sector. The Geberit solution makes things as simple as possible for the sanitary engineer and solves some of the biggest issues in terms of the BIM manufacturer data. Simple parametric BIM data is available in the corresponding language, while market-specific product ranges and up-to-date BIM objects can be displayed in Autodesk Revit either generically or for a specific manufacturer.