Markets - March 2020

On your marks...

The new corporate film is here

Packed with information about Geberit, the new corporate film takes its audience on a fast-paced ride…

Who are we, what do we make, which services do we offer, who are our customers, and what do they expect from us? Giving a quick answer to all these questions is the ambitious goal of this short film, entitled “Made by Geberit”.

“The corporate film is aimed at various different audiences,” explains Roman Sidler, Head Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at the Geberit Group. “These include prospective as much as current employees, customers, partners and also the wider public. Some people know a thing or two about us, but others are still in the dark. The challenge for us was to address everyone.”

Under the guidance of the renowned media company SEED, the film masters this balancing act with quick cuts and a wink.